Pizza Hut

We have just been out to Pizza Hut. We had promised a reward to the girls for good school reports, and this is their reward of choice. As I was sat there, I realised that it was also the last restaurant we had eaten dinner at (in July, also as an end of term treat). We took advantage of the kids eat free option, but couldn’t help noticing that the children’s pizzas seemed a bit smaller than they were last time. Our girls ended up having three helpings at the ice cream factory.

I used to love Pizza Hut. It was one of the treats I enjoyed as a child. I still think the pizzas are much better than the ones available in the supermarket – either frozen or fresh. Since starting to make my own, however, my standards are much higher. I now think nothing is better than homemade. Even Miss 9 leaned over and whispered to me, ‘Yours is much better’, which is praise indeed. I suspect that if I had an ice cream machine and a woolworths-worthy wall of sweets, eating at home would be just as desirable.

The part of this that bothers me a bit, is should I be rewarding the children for their school reports, or should a word or two of praise be enough? I should say I’m not rewarding the results (I’ve read enough Wiseman to know that doesn’t work). What has changed is the back page of the report. This is the part entitled ‘The Whole Child’ which has categories such as Cooperative Working, Behaviour and Politeness, Confidence, and Focus. Last term this section was really bad for Miss 9, this term it was very good.

Does anyone know the answer? Is there a right answer? The problem with bringing up children is that you often don’t know if you did the right thing until after the event, and then the next one goes and has a different personality.

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One Response to Pizza Hut

  1. Laura says:

    I loved Pizza Hut, as a kid and as an adult. Something about the salty, greasy crust…so good! (They are slowly going out of business around here, though.)

    We always reward after report cards. Effort is rewarded…kind of like a bonus at a job, I guess. When they were little (before grade 5), it seemed to be much more important to them. Now, they just seem to understand what the expectation is, and work at it. However, I think the choice of dinner at a restaurant is lovely; I think it’s great that enjoying special family time is part of the reward!

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