Do you know what this is?

And this?

And this?

They’re all baby jalapenos!!!! Hooray, they’re on their way. One place they won’t be going is my new allotment, as it won’t be warm enough for them there. Yes! Today I signed the form to get an allotment. I will be on allotment number 1 on the site, and I am so pleased that it is now all in progress.

I am feeling a bit daunted at suddenly having a 25m x 10m plot to fill, but excited too, and keen to get started. I have a load of cucumber seedlings started off – far too many as the packet was rather ancient so I planted the lot. They will fill a square quite well. I might end up putting a green manure down on half the plot, just so I don’t have to get it all under control at once. I suspect pumpkins will figure heavily this year too!

I’m off to read my allotment book now!


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