Easter Holidays

The holidays are finally here. The kids have been getting more and more tired towards the end of term, and now I’m sure we will all benefit from a bit of a break. We haven’t got much planned for the next couple of weeks other than late mornings.

One thing we will have to do, though, is clear out loads of clutter. We have started! Miss 7 went through her bookcase today and took out almost a whole shelf of books she no longer wants. About half were bin-able. They were used up colouring books or sticker books or too damaged to pass on. A few will be given away to some other child interested in princesses and fairies. The other half have gone straight to Mr 3’s room, and I have rediscovered some gems which I had forgotten about. Sadly, Mr 3 has never really been into books. If it doesn’t have buttons to press, then he’s not that interested. I am making a real effort to get him to read more, and now we have a lot more choice. Hopefully he will find some books he enjoys.

As a new resolution I have also started reading a bedtime story to the girls. They are perfectly capable of reading their own stories, but I have become aware that they feel that Mr 3 gets all the attention. This is probably true – he says ‘I need a wee’ and I jump up and attend to him. Now I need to try to make sure the girls don’t feel neglected, so once Mr 3 is in bed they can get some special time too. This also means I can get them to listen to stories I want them to hear, which they might not pick up on their own. Today we started on The Hobbit. I can’t wait until tomorrow’s installment!

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1 Response to Easter Holidays

  1. Monica says:

    No 3 reads beautifully and sadly has told me that he doesn’t NEED me to read stories to him anymore.. sigh…

    Doesn’t he know that I NEED to do that?

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