Baking Bread

Sometimes things just seem like they’re meant to be. It all started with seeing blog posts about baking bread, particularly this one by Sue at The Quince Tree. I thought, that sounds easy, why don’t I try it? Then I came up with all the reasons. I shop at Aldi, and they don’t sell strong flour, so that’s a hassle. Her recipe has half wholemeal, half white flour, which means another staple stored. I don’t have four 2lb loaf tins. I don’t have a bowl big enough to mix that volume of flour in. I don’t have the time.

Last week I went to the Approved Foods website. They had chapati flour at £3 for a 10kg bag. Can it be used in a standard loaf of bread? I wondered. A quick search on the internet said that yes, it could, if mixed 50/50 with strong white flour, so I bought it.

Yesterday we went to ASDA in Hereford. It’s a bit far away for a regular supermarket shop, but we sometimes go there to see if we can get away without actually going into Hereford. Things like white school socks and wellies often come from there. They had flour cheap! Allinsons strong flour was £2 for a 3kg bag, so that went into the trolley.

I felt on a roll, so I hunted through my cupboards. I had a vague memory of seeing some loaf tins in there, but I was sure they were 1lb tins. I got them out. I measured them. 2lb tins. A stack of four 2lb tins. Why on earth did I buy those? And when? Actually, just while writing this, I remember. I have a great 5-egg Christmas cake recipe, which is too big for any tin I own. I usually make one large round one and one loaf from the recipe. One year I decided to make all loaves, hence an abundance of loaf tins.

By this time I was all set. Who needs a bowl when you’ve got a stock pot? Time? You use that on whatever you choose, and this had become a bit of a crusade.

Here it is. My bread:

I’ll let you know how it tastes!

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2 Responses to Baking Bread

  1. Laura says:

    Looks just right! I really enjoy baking bread, too.

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