And They Ate It!

I have been clearing out the freezer. Yesterday we had Chicken Surprise for dinner. The surprise was it turned out to be butter bean and bacon casserole. Ah well, you know you put the leftovers in the freezer thinking, ‘of course I’ll know what that is.’ All the kids tried it (an improvement on the first time round). Unfortunately Miss 9 felt the need to spit out her mouthful. Miss 7 ate her first mouthful, but no more. Mr 3 hoovered his up (it’s lovely having a child who eats properly!).

Thankfully not all my frozen food is unlabelled. Today we had courgette and brie soup. All the kids ate some of it! That is such rare occurrence, it is worthy of note. Tomorrow we will have aubergine stew, and Miss 9 has promised to try it. This willingness to try is a new thing – she hasn’t tried much new since she was 14 months old. I really hope this is a new start and we will be able to have more interesting meals from now on.

Next I have to find some uses for litres and litres of ham stock. I have absolutely no idea what to do with it.


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3 Responses to And They Ate It!

  1. My mum used to do this when we were little, with pretty much the same results! She used the trick of ‘it’s only for grown-ups’ so of course we would want to try it – so sneaky!

  2. Laura says:

    Ham stock = split pea soup.

  3. planetcoops says:

    I think I have a packet of Country Soup Mix in the back of the cupboard – I think that might be the answer – it has plenty of split peas in it – just for the grown-ups, of course!

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