Decorating: Complete

Something amazing has happened this weekend. We have finished decorating the house! It has taken us nearly four years, but now it is totally finished.

We have repainted every room but one (the one room not decorated was luckily a close match to the ivory we’ve been decorating the rest of the house in, so parts were touched up where necessary). We have painted almost every ceiling. All the upstairs doors have been undercoated and painted in eggshell. We have built a wall and put in a door to make an odd shaped bit of landing into a real bedroom. We have replaced the living room carpet. We have changed at least half the curtains. We have put in new light fittings. We have had the circuit board changed. We have repainted window frames. We have patched up lime plaster.

Probably most importantly we had an earth spike put in. When we were having the kitchen done, the electrician discovered that our earth connection wasn’t earthed. He came to tell me that he would need to do some extra work. In his best ‘speaking to an idiot housewife’ voice he explained that we needed an earth spike, and how he tested how effectively the house was earthed. He asked, ‘Do you know what resistance is?’ I was torn. I was so tempted to smile sweetly and reply, ‘Futile?’ or alternatively to hit him over the head with my heavily framed physics degree certificate. Of course I did neither. I quietly told him that, yes, I knew what resistance was, and please could he tell me how much this extra work was going to cost us.

Now I can sit back knowing it is all done. It has been quite full on since last autumn. We knew we wanted to get it done by spring and I had Easter in my head as the date I wanted it completed by. Luckily Easter is late this year – I hadn’t checked that when I set it as my target!

Now I just need to get the garden more under control …

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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3 Responses to Decorating: Complete

  1. Alice C says:

    Congratulations! That sounds like a mighty achievement with three little ones.

    Thanks for your comment – have a lovely day tomorrow – I hope that the Easter Bunny pays a visit.

  2. Monica says:

    well done, now ENJOY IT!

  3. Laura says:

    I love your reaction…I would have gone with “futile,” myself not having a physics degree at the ready!

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