Wedding Celebrations

What a way to start back at school! This afternoon there was a party, in celebration of the royal wedding. There was food, games and pretty clothes. All the children came home carrying souvenirs.

We have never been a family for collecting souvenirs, but it is lovely to have something special to remember the day. It’s one of those things that I expect the girls will remember for the rest of their lives. Apart from the wedding day itself, I will remember toasting William and Kate with lemonade and singing along to the national anthem in a hall full of children who weren’t all quite sure how it should go.

Mr 3 didn’t want to be left out. I tried my hardest to get a decent photo, but there was a choice between glare or a really slow exposure this afternoon, and combined with his determination to be in front of the camera as always, the shot above is, sadly, the best I could do. I have come to realise that no matter how much I would love to be a good photographer, my talents lie elsewhere.

Regardless of my ability (or lack of) with a camera, thanks for the opportunity for a great party, William and Kate!


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1 Response to Wedding Celebrations

  1. Laura says:

    Who needs pictures? :0)

    I woke up at 5:45 on Friday morning, but knew that I had missed the ceremony by 45 minutes. However, the balcony scene was playing out at 7:00-ish, so my girls were happy to see that. My oldest had met Prince Phillip when he and the Queen came to Canada in the summer, so it was particularily thrilling to see “someone she knew” up on the balcony!

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