Piggybacking Habits

I have been trying out piggybacking habits. I know when I make resolutions, or try to do things differently the chances of keeping it up for long are minimal. Something I have worked out, is that if I attach my new habit to something that is an old habit I am much more likely to carry it on.

I started with orange juice. I often don’t get my 5-a-day fruit and veg, and I also don’t drink enough (almost nothing, if you don’t count coffee). I decided to have a glass of orange juice with my breakfast every day. This has proven to be a really easy resolution to keep – I pour the juice as I make my breakfast, and I’m instantly having a healthier diet.

Second, chocolate. Every time I think about chocolate, I do my pilates like zip up those stomach muscles and think about my posture. I often go on to eat some chocolate too, but at least I eat it whilst standing up straight!

Next came DVDs. When I take a DVD out of the machine, I put it back in its box. Yes, it’s that simple, but so sad that we used to have piles of DVDs overflowing off the top of the TV.

I have been adding these habits at one a week, and so far it is going well. Unfortunately I suspect that I might come a bit unstuck now, though. I really, really, really want to conquer the ironing pile. I cleared it yesterday, and from counting the number of pre-schooler size t-shirts I ironed, I realised it had been twenty three days since I last did any ironing. I just do not like ironing, yet it is something that does need to be done. I have been trying to think of some other think I do that I can piggyback the ironing on to. In summer I can imagine that when I bring the washing in off the line, I can then get it ironed straight away. In the other three seasons, though, when the clothes arrayed on the airer take more than 24 hours to dry and just get moved on gradually to make way for the new wet load, that just doesn’t work.

I’ll have to put my thinking cap on. Then I’ll have to get on with today’s ironing, bearing in mind that the good thing about hail, as I realised today, is that it bounces off the nearly-dry washing, giving you a chance to get it in before the deluge starts in earnest.

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1 Response to Piggybacking Habits

  1. Laura says:

    When my husband and I were first married, my mother-in-law thought that I didn’t know how to iron, because my husband would leave the house in un-ironed shirts. (As a matter of fact, I used to iron all my dad’s dress shirts when I was a kid, so I knew very well how to iron.) She just couldn’t believe that if I knew how to do something, I still wouldn’t do it…all I iron now-a-days is fabric before I cut it for quilts (and the odd shirt if he asks nicely!)

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