Fast Browsers

I have used Internet Explorer as my browser for many years, and I was quite content with it, to the extent that when they had to give us the option to switch last year, I stayed put. Gradually however, the internet seems to have slowed down. Things were taking an age to load, and one site in particular regularly froze my browser for a couple of minutes while displaying all the pictures in their multi megabyte glory.

I switched browser. I went for Chrome, because it said it was fast. To be honest, the only difference I notice is that it gives up faster.

If it can’t download a page quickly, I get this screen, and I get it several times a day. I find that much more frustrating than taking a few more seconds to load.

Just so you know, our internet connection is not awful. We get about 6.5MB, which isn’t bad at all for a standard phone line. I just find it slightly ridiculous that the internet as a whole seems as slow now as it was a decade ago, and I’m not even trying to do anything bandwidth-heavy like stream video.

So, what browser do you use? And why? At the moment I just want one that can consistently find the websites I want to visit.

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One Response to Fast Browsers

  1. Laura says:

    I use Internet Explorer, but my husband uses Mozilla Firefox. He prefers Firefox. I don’t switch because I am a creature of habit.

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