The Junior Hunt Ball

Yesterday evening was the Junior Hunt Ball. Of course there is no actual hunt any more, but there is still a junior hunt ball, much to the delight of Miss 9. I wasn’t sure at first whether to let her go. It went until 11pm, which would make it the third time in her life she has been allowed to stay up so late. Then I realised that almost her entire school class would be there, so it would be a bit unfair of me to hold her back.

It was so exciting. Her first ball. She went online and chose a dress, we had a day trip to Hereford and found some sandals and she borrowed a necklace of mine I had bought years ago (goodness knows why) and never worn.

I think she looked really lovely, and the hours walking from shoe shop to shoe shop were all worthwhile.

Miss 7 was not so happy. She was most distraught to be staying at home, and she showed it. She has been feeling a bit left out for the past couple of weeks, and for someone who loves to be the centre of attention, that’s a tough place to be.

Miss 9 reports that she had a lovely time. There was dancing and games, sausage, mash and ice-cream and a very late night. Perfect.


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2 Responses to The Junior Hunt Ball

  1. Monica says:

    how sweet…

    (we have a lot of problem with our no 2 because he’s not always at the centre of things, if you have any tips… they’ll be welcome)

  2. Laura says:

    Shoes are so important! I’m glad she had a lovely time!

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