Digging to Do

Welcome to my allotment.

See that outline in red? That shows the extent of my allotment and the extend of my photo editing ability all in one go. I know it doesn’t look very large in this shot, but it’s quite difficult to get a good idea of perspective. It’s plenty big enough. In this photo you can just about see my cucumber plants up in the top right, and a tiny blackcurrant bush in the top left. This photo was taken on Wednesday, before I dug my third section, which now has kidney bean plants on the way. Now I need to go and get some more canes so the kidney beans have something to grow up.

There is still no water there, so I was delighted when it rained yesterday (it’s not often I say that). On Wednesday I went along, taking two full watering cans and a 20 litre camping water container along in the back of the car. It is quite a windy, exposed site so the soil gets dusty and dry. It was like a scene from Jean de Florette, with me carefully rationing out the water to each of my little plants. I’m quite pleased that my plot is the most eastern, so once everyone else’s has grown up, mine may well benefit from whatever shelter their plants provide.

I was feeling quite satisfied with myself for the progress I had been making. Then I gazed out across the site. Someone else has rotovated their whole plot. And put up a shed. Ah well, my allotment is primarily for saving money, so that was never going to happen on my plot. I’ll wait to see what we can get funding for, and manage without a shed until then. In the meantime the digging will keep me fit.

You can see my little cucumber plants near the bottom of this shot. I have great hopes for some proper tasting cucumbers this summer. You can also see the beginnings of my first path, made from stones dug from the adjacent bed. I now have 3 beds dug, 17 to go!

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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2 Responses to Digging to Do

  1. Monica says:

    I’m always very impressed with people to do the whole allotment thang… I could never do it…

    Good for you, I’ll be jealous of the fruit of your labour… it’ll be fab.

  2. Laura says:

    Absolutely inspiring, that whole digging thing! I’m the wimp waiting for the rototiller…

    I wish very often that our city would allow perennials on the allotments. I’d put in rhubarb and strawberries, and a gooseberry bush. I paced out the plot the other day, and it’s about 9 x 18 large paces. Which, as you say, is plenty big enough! Now to get going on it…

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