Big City Adventure Part 3: Natural History Museum

What do you do when you’ve spent the morning at one of your favourite childhood haunts? You go to another one, of course! I love the Natural History Museum. That, and the Science Museum next door were my destinations of choice in London.

We were over in South Kensington by 2pm, and sat on the lawn outside the museum, enjoying the lovely sunshine and waiting for my sister to join us. We bought some muffins from a stall there, which completely cleared me out of cash. I’m quite unused to having to pay cash for things, and don’t tend to carry much. I’m also the sort to exclaim, ‘£4.25 for a sandwich! I can make that at home for tuppence ha’penny!’ However, the muffins were both reasonably priced and very tasty.

Once in the museum, we had to go and see the dinosaurs.

This is the animatronic one. Of course there were plenty of skeletons there too, but this was the main attraction. I have a confession, too. The dinosaurs aren’t my favourite part.

One thing I noticed much more now than I did when a child was the building itself. The architecture and the detailing are fantastic.

But you know what? Still not my favourite part.

My favourite part is the minerals exhibition. I love this room. One day I will go back without children, or with children old enough to be told ‘I’ll meet you back here in 2 hours – go and enjoy yourself.’ Then I’ll spend the time marvelling over the fantastic displays.

At the back of the minerals exhibition, there is a room I have never seen before. The Vault. In there are things you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see in a natural history museum, including a diamond encrusted snuff box, but this I really liked:

Diamonds. This is an example of every single colour of diamond possible. The white light alternates with ultra-violet, and about a third of them glow shades of purple under the ultra-violet light. Fantastic.

What next? I hear you cry. Surely that’s not all! Well, come back tomorrow for part 4!


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4 Responses to Big City Adventure Part 3: Natural History Museum

  1. Becky says:

    Hi…I must confess I’m not a blog reader, but heard bout yours through the grapevine!
    You officially have a following. Just wanted to absolutely agree with you about the mineral section at the Natural History Museum. Fabulous and wasted on kids!
    So is this a comment?

  2. Laura says:

    When we were in London, it was the National Gallery and the British Museum for us. My husband had to see the Rosetta stone! The National Gallery was wonderful as well. I was simply astounded by the Rembrandt self portraits. (We had, at that time, left the children at home and flew to London for the weekend.)

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