Busy, Busy Week

Even in our typically busy lives, last week was quite a full one!

Last week I…

…took the girls to a dress rehearsal. They practised for the first time on the actual stage and with microphones. Some acts fell apart at the change, and some did brilliantly. They came home with instructions to practise with hairbrushes.

…was late to a meeting because it started at the same time as the rehearsal was supposed to end.

…sent the girls to school as Mary Tudor and Elizabeth Tudor. It was British Cultural Week at school, and Tuesday was ‘Go as a Great Briton’ day. They had decided two days before who they wanted to dress as. It was doing something with Miss 8’s hair which was the most problematic. She doesn’t have it long enough for any kind of up-do. We ended up tying up as much as we could and curling the bits that couldn’t reach. It looked more Georgian to me, but never mind.

…broke a promise. Because I was too late sending the form back, the girls didn’t get into cookery club at school, so I promised that each Tuesday we would do some cooking together instead. We didn’t.

…had estate agents round to value the house. Ironically, on the same day we reached the top of the waiting list for an NHS dentist.

…watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I have waited almost three decades to see this film. When I was a kid we queued outside the cinema for about an hour to try to see it, but couldn’t get in. I love advance seat booking. It was showing at the film club the PTFA run once a month, so I made sure I was one of the helpers.

…dug two more sections on my allotment, and planted sweetcorn, parsley and sunflowers.

…made scones. I had Mr 3 helping me. Making scones is supposed to be quite quick, isn’t it?

…had a traditional British picnic. For the end of British Cultural Week. Of course we had the traditional contingency plan of bringing it into the hall if it rained. The view from the kitchen at 3pm:

However, by 3.30 it had cleared, the sun came out, and people played skittles and croquet on the field and ate scones and strawberries.

…went to the Young Entertainers show. The practicing with hairbrushes had paid off. I think both my girls benefit greatly from this club. Miss 9, because she needs to boost her confidence, and Miss 8, because she’s such a show off and needs an outlet. The show was much better than the one last November, if a bit too long.

…had fish and chips for tea at 10pm. I told you the show was a bit too long! At least the scones had sustained us up til then.

…had my in-laws round for the weekend. For the first time ever there was no special pre-arrival cleaning required.

…missed the official allotment opening ceremony. However, I’m quite glad I missed the rain shower that quickly followed it.

…did the reading at church. I’m always paranoid that I’ll read the wrong bit and the Rector will get up and say, ‘Well, that wasn’t quite what I was expecting to hear…’ Thankfully I haven’t done that yet.

…watched Appaloosa. Because it has Viggo Mortensen in it. I might even watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, if it happens to be on, because he’s in it.

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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1 Response to Busy, Busy Week

  1. Laura says:

    Ah, June! Kind of sweeps you away, doesn’t it. Sounds like a wonderful time! (Now I need to go make some scones.)

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