We Sing

We have a Wii. Thus far I have studiously avoided learning how to turn it on. I’m sure there must be an on switch for it somewhere, but I’m not going to look for it. It just occupies the TV in much the same way the Spectrum did in our house during 1984-1987. Of course there is also the option of multi player games once you’ve bought the hugely expensive additional controllers. We finally put our old video player up in the loft to make space on the shelf for all the Wii associated paraphernalia.

Yesterday we got We Sing. Now this is a game I can enjoy. Up to four people can sing along to the karaoke songs. They are a mix of old 80s, a couple of karaoke classics and a few bang up to date songs. We went through them all. Be thankful you don’t live next door.

It was good fun for an evening. One limitation is that there is no way of getting any more songs. So, fun for an evening, but once you’re bored of the song choice, that’s it. That’s why, if you already have the microphone controllers, I would recommend getting it from Love Film, keeping it for an evening or two, then sending it back. I wouldn’t bother buying it unless you really want to spend hours singing along to Tom Jones (Delilah), Madness (Our House) and Duffy (Mercy). Perhaps that’s a good idea for all Wii games. Rent, don’t buy.

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4 Responses to We Sing

  1. Laura says:

    I don’t even know how to turn on our entire entertainment system! We have PS 3 and Wii. We have just about every attachment and game known to the Wii, and my husband is already excited about the next upgrade. Thank goodness the TV in the livingroom only needs one button on the remote…that’s the one I use!

  2. You can relive the awesomeness of 1984-1987 at http://www.zxspectrum.net/

    Be sure to turn the volume up.

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