Twelve Years Ago…

Because today is a Sunday, we had our ‘official’ celebration yesterday. We went out for a meal at The Stagg Inn. This was the first pub to earn a Michelin star, and is also one of our nearest eating places, so great all round! We tried to go here last year, but were too late to book a table. It’s a very popular place.

The menu is lovely and varied. I had the cured salmon, topped with crab, with avocado cream for my starter. It was absolutely delicious. The avocado cream was a tiny little smear on the plate, and I expected to barely taste it, but it must have been super concentrated. It had a fantastic taste with even the smallest amount. Mr PC had the pigeon breast, which was also wonderful. It melted in the mouth.

From this point our tastes coincided, so we had the same main as each other. Duck breast with carrots and spinach. My goodness, I don’t know quite what they did to that spinach, although I’m sure copious amounts of butter and salt were involved, but it tasted better than any spinach I have ever eaten before. The duck was lovely and tender, and the carrot mash a perfect, sweet accompaniment.

Then pudding. We had cheesecake with amaretto ice-cream and baked peach. The cheesecake was very cheesy. Mr PC loved it, but to be honest, the ALDI Specially Selected cheesecake is still my favourite. The amaretto ice-cream was super, and I made sure I finished that off, because there was no way I could have finished off the entire cheesecake – I didn’t have a belt to loosen!

We ended with coffee and petit fours. The truly sad thing was that I left half of the last one – a mint chocolate flavour truffle, because I simply could not fit in another mouthful, and felt that wrapping it in a napkin and stashing it in my bag for later wasn’t quite the done thing!

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3 Responses to Twelve Years Ago…

  1. Monica says:

    oh wow, that sounds delicious.. (can you tell me where that pub is?)

    And congratulations!!

  2. Laura says:

    Congratulations! Twelve is such a nice number!

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