Summer Feast

Have I mentioned that my kids are fussy eaters? Not Mr 3, bless him, but the girls are dreadfully particular. Because of this, our meal plans have become incredibly boring. Six days out of seven you can tell what will be for dinner by what day of the week it is. I always swore I would never do that but the necessity of getting some nutrition into my kids has led to a gradual erosion of possible meals. Even then, three or four days a week, Miss 9 goes a bit hungry or has just the parts of the meal she likes.

Yesterday was Wednesday. Sausage and mash day. I am heartily fed up of sausage and mash. I defrosted the sausages, glumly wondering how I let it get to this state. I really need to change things, and the middle of summer seemed a good time to abandon the original meal plan. I still fried the sausages (although I poached an egg for me, for a change), but decided no, no mash, no boring boiled veg.

I boiled some new potatoes and made some garlic mayonnaise. I mixed the together and, done. It’s such a simple potato salad, and I love it. Then I looked at the carrots which had been destined to be chopped and boiled. Carrot salad! I grated the carrots, toasted a handful of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds and chucked them in, added some raisins, tipped in some sugar snap peas and mixed it all together with some lemon juice and olive oil. Another wonderful summery salad.

Did my girls squeal in delight and say ‘Mmm, that’s lovely! Thanks for making something different, mum!’

Er… No.

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3 Responses to Summer Feast

  1. Monica says:

    my kids would have been horrified too, but what do children know, eh?

    One day. One day they’ll change, I’m sure.

    (almost sure)

  2. Laura says:

    My youngest was a meat and potatoes kind of girl. Apples and bananas. Yes, eggs, but only regular Cherrios for breakfast. Lots of milk.
    Now, she’ll eat just about anything, including lettuce, strawberries, melon, asparagus and scallops. Yes, yes, yes…it does change, and one day you will find yourself eating all your favourite foods when they are not home, because as soon as they see you eating, they’ll say, “Oh, you’re having some of THAT, can I have some TOO?” and they’ll eat it all up before you get any.

  3. planetcoops says:

    I look forward to that day!

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