Cabbage Patch Sheep

Disaster! On Monday there were a few sheep loose up the road and a passer by kindly herded them through into the nearest field. Unfortunately that field contains our allotments. One gate further, and they would have been into a field already full of sheep, but sadly they didn’t get that far.

I have had quite a busy week, so I hadn’t had a chance to go and see what damage had been done to my allotment until today. Mine didn’t have as much damage as some, but most of my sunflowers are now stalks with no heads, my purple sprouting broccoli is mostly gone and my sweetcorn has been chewed off at the average height of a sheep’s head. They seem particularly keen on cabbages so I am quite pleased I didn’t have any. Those who did had much bigger losses than me.

Now, if you’ll just pass the mint sauce…

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  1. Laura says:

    Not fair, the quirks and predicaments of allotment ownership! Ours had a deer grazing through as recently as last night, and all the tops of the beans have been snipped down. A few of the blossoms remain, so if we have no more four legged visitors, we may actually still get beans. Surprisingly, nothing else was touched. Later in the season, it will be visitors of the two legged variety. Last year, they were knife-weilding ones, too, as the cabbages attested.

    But as my husband says, if you get mad, you might as well quit, because there will always be those little “incidents.” (We just planted more green cabbage this year, and thankfully most people aren’t interested in the red cabbage!)

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