My Wool Stash

In January, I joined Ravelry. Then I forgot about it. Today I decided to use it properly and record all my stash. Guess how many balls of wool I have in my cupboard upstairs. Go on, guess.


Seven hundred and forty one. And that doesn’t count odd balls of unbranded DK from the factory shop, or anything in a bag alongside an unfinished project. The ‘Shout’ I have is a wool that wasn’t even recorded on Ravelry, possibly because it was discontinued about five years ago. I can tell you, though, that it makes wonderful fluffy children’s hats.

One of the reasons my stash has remained the size it is, is that a lot of it came in very cheap bulk loads and is very fluffy or extra chunky or is a yarn intertwined with bits of fabric. There are only so many scarves one family needs.

Apart from actually keeping records so I know what is buried in the depths of the cupboard, one of the reasons for going on Ravelry is to get ideas with what to do with all the wool. Sadly my largest single pile of wool is Coast, by Patons. I have 73 balls of pale green and 66 balls of pale blue and no idea what on earth to do with them.


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