Love Film?

…No, not really. Not when they’re unwatchable.

We recently joined LOVEFiLM. We thought it was a great way to try out Wii games without the huge financial outlay, and a super way to watch films we have missed due to our serious lack of cinema outings in the last decade and a half. What we weren’t expecting was a huge problem in the quality of the discs we were sent.

According to my (not very accurate) reckoning, about one in three of the games and films we were sent were damaged. We did our duty as model citizens and reported the faults, and LOVEFiLM did their duty and sent out replacements. Until today. Today we hit the limit. Today LOVEFiLM suspended our account until they get some discs back. At first we thought that was OK. They had sent us replacements before receiving the first ones back, and with the volume we had, I expect there’s some catching up to do. Never mind we can stream a film, we thought blithely.


Our whole account has been suspended. We can’t even stream a film. We now intend to cancel as soon as our free trial is finished because this is definitely not an experience we would pay for.

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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