LOVEFiLM: An Update

Well, our account became active again once they received the discs back. Then they sent us out some more: a couple of films from our list (one unwatchable, one fine) and a replacement for a returned faulty disc. Guess what? We got the same faulty disc back (they’re all barcoded, and we’re the sort of sad people who keep an eye on that kind of thing). We haven’t recorded it as faulty again, because really, what is the point?

We have also been advised to watch DVDs on our computer rather than through our DVD player, because computers are better at reading the discs. Sadly a Friday evening perched alone on an office chair watching a film on a 19″ screen, is not quite the same as sitting alongside each other on a sofa watching a film on a TV.

I was wondering how this can work as a business model – to have such a high rate of rubbish in circulation and expect people to pay for it. Then I realised that it’s because of the monthly subscription. Because you pay monthly, and rent as many DVDs as you can watch and post back in that time it doesn’t feel like you’re hiring each individual one. You put up with receiving rubbish because they post another one out. The fact they’ve wasted your time  and turned the general public into their quality control department seems irrelevant. Meanwhile their business model seems to rely on just re-sending and re-sending damaged discs out. Can you imagine how angry people would have been if this happened at a video rental shop? There would have been a queue of irate people demanding their money back and I would have been in it.

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2 Responses to LOVEFiLM: An Update

  1. Laura says:

    We have a different system here, where the movies are ordered through the cable provider. They have a video on demand system, where they show you what movies are available, and you select on a menu screen and accept the “rental” of the movie for 24 or 48 hour time period. Of course, it’s just as expensive as renting from a video store, at $7.00 per movie, but all our video stores are going out of business here, so this is just as easy. And the rental cost just gets put on my tv bill. No discs at all!

    • planetcoops says:

      A large proportion of houses here don’t have cable, and many also don’t have broadband good enough to stream movies. Now the rental shops have closed we rely on the good old postal system and scratchy discs.

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