Yesterday we celebrated a tenth birthday. Miss 10 made some lovely cup cakes, some with chocolate chips in them, and some with rather lurid icing. We also had a proper birthday cake. It was a sponge cake, sandwiched together and covered with chocolate butter icing, because Miss 10 doesn’t like jam, and most cakes get carefully disected before the parts she likes are consumed.

I took about 30 photos, trying to get some clear shots of the cakes. We had rather an overcast day, and by the time I tried to photograph the cakes the light levels were really not very good. However I persevered and eventually got a couple of shots I thought were OK.

Unfortunately Mr 3 borrowed my camera this morning. By the time I came to plug it in to this computer and move the photos over there were none. My card had been completely full, now it has eight photos on it. Three year old feet. A couple of shots of the living room at odd angles. Some close ups of a certain three year old’s face. A stool carefully positioned below the shelf I had thought was high up enough to be safe camera storage.


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2 Responses to Yesterday

  1. Laura says:

    He took a picture of his partner in crime, did he? I hope you can smile about it; I did!

  2. planetcoops says:

    Yes. Lesson in crime number one. Don’t take photos which will stand as evidence!

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