Talking Toilets

Beware if you need to use the public toilets in Ludlow. They talk. Poor Mr 3 is seriously upset.

Yesterday we had a lovely day out in Ludlow. We looked round the castle. The kids went up and down every possible step and in and out of every possible room. The sun shone. We went on to a coffee shop across the way – The Buttery. We had coffee and marvelled at the incredible range of ice cream flavours available. Then we walked around the footpath which encircles the castle. It was a very pleasant stroll.

Then we headed back to the car park, and on the way Mr 3 announced that he needed the toilet. Luckily there are public toilets just at the entrance to the car park. In we went. Mr 3 was a bit upset instantly. ‘What’s that noise?’ he asked. There was a constant low pitched hum. Unpleasant, but in the background enough that most people wouldn’t notice it. After some reassurance he seemed fine and prepared to use the toilet. Suddenly a voice boomed out. He leapt up off the (metal, uncomfortable) toilet in absolute terror. The voice informed us that the time we were allowed to be in there was limited and we would be warned again once the time was nearly up. Well, that became irrelevant, as a shaking, crying Mr 3 was definitely not going to spend another minute in there. Out we went.

Today we went out as well, to Leominster this time. After shouting loudly enough for half the street to hear, Mr 3 held on for 3 hours, rather than use a public toilet. The potty training isn’t getting any easier.


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3 Responses to Talking Toilets

  1. Laura says:

    Yikes! What would be the purpose of a booming voice ordering you to vacate the facilities? I mean, really? You’re being timed?

  2. Jen says:

    I too experienced Ludlow’s public loo’s chatter. Kind of put me of what I was doing. Made me worry in case I took too long.

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