I Discover Brad Pitt Can Act

Please forgive me for not noticing this any sooner. I have to say that I don’t much like watching TV or films. If it isn’t something I specifically want to see, I feel like I could be doing so many other things instead, and don’t enjoy it at all. Mr PC and I seem to have mutually exclusive taste, so finding anything we can enjoy watching together is a real challenge.

Nonetheless, I have watched a couple of films over the last two days. First was Twelve Monkeys. One I should have watched years ago, I know, but we have only just been sent it by a beer company who are giving out DVDs at the moment. It is well worth watching, if you haven’t seen it yet.

The second film was Inglourious Basterds. I don’t really like violent films. I don’t like watching things which make me flinch. Blood, guts, gore and war are not my entertainment of choice. However, let Quentin Tarantino write the script, and it seems the subject matter is transformed. How does he do it? It’s genius at work. And in this particular film, Brad Pitt as well. Another mad, unique, brilliant, scary character. Well done, both of them.

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1 Response to I Discover Brad Pitt Can Act

  1. Monica says:

    I agree. I loved Inglorious Basterds… Genius.

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