What a lovely couple of days we have had here! Two evenings ago we watched the weather report, which told us that within a couple of hours the rain would arrive, stay all the next day, then we’d have a very brief dry spell before the next front brought the next wet weather. As it happens we have only had about two minutes of rain in the past two days.

Yesterday started very well. I hung out the washing, and noticed that I only pegged out one little pair of trousers. That was the point at which I realised that Mr 3 had lasted the previous day in the same set of clothes. The light is showing at the end of the potty training tunnel.

I was also very pleased to get down to the allotment. It has been shamefully neglected for the past few weeks and is getting overrun with weeds. I really must spend more time there, but the children (particularly Mr 3) spend the whole time asking whether it’s time to go home. I’ll have to put some hours in once school has started again. The allotment has supplied us with some cucumbers and lettuces so far. The purple sprouting broccoli is doing amazingly well considering it was trampled by sheep and the sweetcorn has flowered while it is only about a foot and a half tall, just over the height it was trimmed to by the sheep.

The afternoon was such a lovely one, warm and sunny, and most unexpected. Even today was lovely, and I got right to the bottom of the washing pile and got it all dry. I am so thankful for the moments of sunshine we do get, especially when I was expecting to be sheltering from the rain.

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1 Response to Sunshine

  1. Laura says:

    Weeds are so hard to keep on top of! I’m starting to feel like I should be doing a lot of cleaning on the plot (peas, spinach, radish and cucumber) but it’s going to make it feel like it really is over, and even though the summer was great, I’m just not ready!

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