Staycation: Ledbury

We are staycationing this year. Today Mr PC’s sister and her family came to visit, so we all headed off to Ledbury for the afternoon. Ledbury is a lovely town. It’s a great place to visit if you want to see what high streets used to be like. We had sweets bought from jars in a sweetshop. We looked at some wonderfully handmade looking pies in a butcher’s shop window. We flicked through some second hand books. Mr 3 discovered the children’s toys in the kid’s section of the church.

Even the weather was great for us. If you look at the weather maps, there is a definite difference in temperature as you get nearer the Bristol Channel. Rainfall is lower and sunshine hours are higher. This has seemed to be demonstrated every time we’ve been there. We’ve left rain behind at home, gone to Ledbury and enjoyed an afternoon of sunshine, and come back home to rain.

This evening, with the children being looked after by their aunt and uncle, Mr PC and I went out to enjoy an indian meal in Leominster. We went to Shabagh, which is where we tend to go on the odd occasions we get to have a meal out. It is where we typically have too much food, and end up leaving half the main course because we cannot fit in another mouthful. My favourite, favourite flavour has to be the dhania naan. I love naan and I love coriander. Yum, yum, yum. Oh, I could eat another one now.

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