Staycation: West Midland Safari Park

Today we used our free return ticket to the safari park. You can read about our trip last autumn here. We managed to persuade Mr 3 onto only one ride today. When we went in the spring, he seemed a bit more confident and went on a few rides. Sadly he slipped off his seat on the river rafting ride and banged his head (again). This seems to have left him even more scared than he was before. Added to his anxiety is his newly discovered fear of public toilets. He almost screamed the block down. Now I really don’t know what to do, because, like any parent, I want my children to be confident and happy.

One thing we all liked was meeting a friendly lemur, who seemed very interested in coming to say hello to us.

On the way home we stopped off at Burford House. This is a place I love. In fact, it is great for all of us. There is a main house, a lovely building, which contains a homeware shop. There is beautiful furniture, bright crockery and wonderful ostrich feather dusters. The house is set in lovely gardens, which are now free to look around. There is an attached garden centre and a wonderful clematis collection. Add to all this a cafe and a large play area  for the children, and everyone is happy.

The only problem with the visit was the evidence of the start of autumn it provided.

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