Staycation: Cadbury World

Today was Cadbury World day. We had originally thought about going on Saturday, but on checking the website, we found it was completely and utterly booked up, so we had to pick a different day. That website! It was really rubbish. In order to discover that it was fully booked we had to click on the date, then click through every single ten-minute slot to get the pop up message saying it was not available. We eventually discovered that the mouse icon changes when hovering over a time that is still available, but it had taken 80 or 90 tries to find that out.

We also had fun on the payment page. They give a multi-line box for you to type your address in to, but don’t press return! If the address has a new line character in it, it is invalid. It took us quite a while to work out why it thought our address was invalid, but we figured it out in the end. Perhaps we need to offer them some IT consultancy to improve their website.

I was going to joke that we spent longer on the internet booking it than we spent there, but circumstances overtook us.

Last night Miss 8 was ill. There was no chance of her getting out at all today. Mr PC and Miss 10 went to Cadbury World, because the tickets had been pre-paid with no chance of a refund. We decided we had to get at least half the value of them. Miss 8 had a day confined to her bedroom, Mr 3 spent a lot of time on the Wii, and I pottered around doing bits and pieces.

Apparently, Cadbury World was great. I have spent the evening munching on Milk Tray.

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