Staycation: Borth

I’m sorry, I’m a day behind. Yesterday evening I could have written this post, but I didn’t, so this is yesterday’s news, and you’ll get today’s post tomorrow (probably).

We went to the beach! We haven’t been to a UK beach for years  – at least 4, because Mr 3 has only ever been on a beach in France. Our nearest coast is Aberystwyth, and we had heard that Borth, which is just north of there, is a nice beach, so that’s where we headed. Borth seems to be quite a pleasant little town. There is free parking, and enough of it. There are chip shops and cafes and shops with rows of buckets and spades outside.

Even the journey there was lovely. We live quite close to the Welsh border, and as soon as you cross it the scenery changes. Mr PC commented that Wales has far too many hills; it would have been much fairer to share them out a bit further East. It is such a beautiful area, and if you had a spare pile of cash there are worse things you could do than buy yourself a holiday house in the middle of mid Wales.

We arrived at Borth at high tide and this is what we saw:

I was a bit concerned that there wouldn’t be enough sand to make a sandcastle, but by the time we had had some chips for lunch and settled ourselves, the tide had gone out a bit. It is such a flat beach, that we had a huge expanse of sand to dig in.

We had been watching the weather reports carefully for days, and it was worth it. I even took off my jumper, which for me, in Wales, is possibly a first. It was a lovely still day and the sun was bright. It was almost like summer!

Halfway up the beach, there was a jellyfish left by the tide. It was the biggest jellyfish I have ever seen. It was an amazing sight.

At least, it was until some kids decided to entertain themselves by dropping rocks on it (not my kids, by the way).

It was a completely successful day for us (if not for the jellyfish), finished off with a Chinese meal large enough to feed at least ten of us.

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  1. Monica says:

    how lovely!

    And glad the weather play ball too..

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