Staycation: Drayton Manor

OK, so I was supposed to write this post a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, on Saturday afternoon I was waylaid by a wool shop, and forced to hand over some money in return for a variety of various coloured yarn, which has kept me busy since.

Right, Drayton Manor. Firstly, it costs £103 to get in if you are a family of 5, including a 3 year old. It is not a cheap day out. Add to that lunch, coffees, ice creams and such like and you can easily spend £150 even if you don’t step foot in any of the gift shops. The coffee, unusually for this kind of place, is great.

The rides all looked fantastic, and Thomas Land would have been great for Mr 3, had he not already been traumatised by the rides at the safari park. We had a lovely trip on Thomas, and met Rosie (I’d never heard of her, proof that I am not au fait with the latest incarnation of Thomas and Friends). There were lots of little rides suitable for toddlers, and in term time, when they reduce the prices significantly for an adult with a toddler, it would make a much better value day out.

The girls are now old enough and tall enough to go on many of the rides by themselves, so we left them queuing for the Ben 10 ride while we looked round the zoo. We got back about 45 minutes later and were able to watch them do the ride. There, really, is the problem with the park in the summer holidays. The queues are horrendous. The girls managed 8 rides each, which is just over one an hour. Even when you take into account the fact we played in the playground for a while (Mr 3 loved it) and stopped for lunch, that’s still a huge amount of time spent waiting in line.

We managed to get Mr 3 onto several rides. By the end of the afternoon he no longer cried and tried to get out of the line, and he said that he had fun, although his favourite part was the playground rather than any of the rides. I guess that’s progress.

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2 Responses to Staycation: Drayton Manor

  1. Monica says:

    I don’t understand why those places have to be sooo expensive. Luckily none of my children like the rides soooooo we save money!!

  2. Laura says:

    I’m enjoying the armchair view of your staycation! Everything that you’ve done sounds interesting…but I really cannot wait to hear about the yarn shop!!!

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