Pink Socks

I’ve knitted my first ever pair of socks!

On Saturday we went to Leominster. We had intended to go to Wapley Hill and walk up to the iron age fort, but on the way we realised that the hand brake didn’t work, so Kwik Fit in Leominster became our destination. We had the opportunity to wander round while the car was being looked at, so of course I popped into the wool shop. I needed some more black wool for the joining together of my bright blanket, and some bright colours for another project I have in mind.

In a basket outside they had a stack of wool perfect for socks. I couldn’t resist! You can see the two balls I bought in the picture above. I love those greens and purples, and I’m very excited about getting socks knitted with that wool. However, I had never knitted a sock before, so I thought I’d better have a practice run. I had a choice of pink or purple, as I had bought a couple of balls of wool with the intention of crocheting some fuchsias (yes, you read that right, fuchsias). Miss 10 picked pink, so off I went.

I found a simple pattern and got on with it. I did brilliantly until I got to the final line of the instructions, ‘graft the toes’. OK. This is where I love the internet, give thanks for Google, and am full of praise for the wonderful people who post tutorials. I discovered Damselfly, and her wonderful grafting tutorial. I finished a sock! Later in the evening, a bemused Mr PC was instructed to admire how the toes went round with no seam. Hooray! I love learning a new skill.

I do admit that my socks are not particularly neat. I will have to improve my stitching when moving from one needle to another, and I have never been able to get my sl1, K1, psso stitches to look as neat as my K2 togs (any advice on that welcome). Because they are knitted in DK they are much bulkier than most socks, but as I discovered today, they are lovely to wear instead of slippers in the early autumn. Now I can’t wait to get on with my next pair, but I’m going to be patient and wait until a bit more of my blanket is done.

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8 Responses to Pink Socks

  1. Laura says:

    Woot! Oh, hooray! I know exactly how you feel, having knit my first pair of socks last month. I like socks! I like knitting socks! I’m going to enjoy knitting more pairs when the girls have swimming lessons; and I have the perfect book, too. I’m a big fan of “Knitting Vintage Socks” by Nancy Bush. She has wonderful details for everything, and lots of great patterns, which are very easy to follow.

    Regarding the sl1, k1, psso; I read that ssk works just the same. (But I haven’t tried it.)

    Looking forward to the fuchsias!

  2. I taught myself to knit last Sunday. Erin decided that she wanted to knit a scarf after seeing a cartoon character do it. Keen to encourage, I thought I’d teach her – meaning that I’d have to teach myself first. Of course, she’s three and has the attention span of a shooting star and wasn’t interested by the time I was capable enough to start her off but – hey – now I know what a purl is.

    I have no intention of using my new-found talent for anything. At least I didn’t until I stumbled across this awesome Eadweard J. Muybridge zoetrope beanie:

  3. Monica says:

    well done you!!

    be careful though…. once you start with socks… you won’t be able to stop!!

  4. hippiepoints says:

    I miss making socks! I haven’t had to in a while and I don’t need them where I live, but yours look nice!

    • planetcoops says:

      I’m so cold blooded, I’d probably have to live on the equator before I stopped needing socks! In the UK they’re a year-round necessity, so they might as well be pretty!

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