About 21 million years ago, a star 21 million light years away put on a rather spectacular light display. I have never seen a supernova, and neither have the kids. This is the best view of one in my lifetime so I wanted to get out and see it. We had sent the kids to bed tonight saying, ‘It’s too light and it’s too cloudy.’ They decided not to go to sleep though, so waaaay past their bedtime we checked and saw that the sky was virtually cloud-free. We brought out the telescope.

This telescope has been used about twice, just to try it out, so we were horrified to see that the rack and pinion focusing mechanism had completely sheared off. The knobs were broken on both sides. We also discovered bits of the teeth loose in the bottom of the bag, completely detached, and brittle enough to be broken in my fingers.

We looked it up on Amazon, and found from its one-star rating and the comment titles (‘Junk’ being the most succinct), that we shouldn’t really have expected any thing else.

The good news is that supernovae don’t fade particularly fast, and as today is so near the full moon, we will actually get a better view in a week or so. I had heard that some binoculars might even be strong enough to see this one, so we still stand a chance.

The Bushnell 570 x 60 Rotary Compact Refractor Telescope, Model 78-9570 is going in the bin tomorrow.


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