Hair So Clean You Could Eat Off It

Back at the end of last term, way back when we thought summer was on its way, there was in infestation of headlice at school. Both my girls got them, so I brought out my trusty nit comb and attacked their hair. This is not fun in our household. We have far more than our fair share of hair! We did much more hair washing and combing than is usual for us. I, for one, wash my hair as infrequently as I can get away with. I seem to be allergic to an ingredient in most shampoos, and overuse gives me a very itchy scalp. I did find a shampoo in The Body Shop, which was great, and I used it for ages until about three years ago. I bought a new bottle and reacted to it. I think they must have changed the recipe

This nit comb was purchased to save us money, and be eco-friendly at the same time, and to some extent it works. It cleared Miss 10’s hair, no problem. After a month or so of regular use, though, we had to resort to smelly chemicals for Miss 8. Actually, the smell was rather pleasant, very aniseedy. We used Lyclear spray, left over from a few years ago. I notice that the new Lyclear spray claims to be odourless, which is a bit of a shame really.

Lyclear uses mineral oil and dimethicone  to suffocate and dehydrate the lice. What it doesn’t rely on (or, indeed, contain at all) is pesticides, so all those lice that are rapidly gaining resistance to the standard pesticides used are killed off too. It’s difficult to gain immunity to suffocation.

By the end of the summer holidays, after weeks of regular combing and treatment we were all nit free. Hooray! I thought. Since then Miss 8 has had her hair tied up every day for school. Regardless of this, two weeks into the new term, she was scratching again. My heart sank, and my scalp began to itch. whether in sympathy, or because I actually had them too, or because of my normal reaction to shampoo, I’m not sure, but I thought it better to treat both of us.

We had a new bottle of Lyclear mousse, so I followed all the instructions. Spray, massage, wait, comb, wash. Miss 8 then went to bed, and I got on with my hair. Spray, massage, wait comb, wash, wash, attempt to dry. My hair wouldn’t dry! There’s so much oil in the product that it just stayed in my hair, impervious to the actions of the hairdryer. It was late, so I put down an old towel on my pillow, and planned to wash my hair again in the morning.

I got up yesterday and jumped in the shower. I washed my hair twice. Then I tried to dry it. Same result! I did the school run yesterday looking like a drowned rat. Miss 8 looked similar. I was  beginning to wonder what on earth to do. I looked at my shampoo. Each one in the house said things like, ‘with olive oil for extra shine!’. That wasn’t what I needed. I needed something which cut through oil and grease.

In Aldi yesterday, a huge advert above the window showed that their washing up liquid was a Which best buy, knocking Fairy off the top spot for the first time in 20 years, cleaning 11750 dishes compared to Fairy’s 6004. Once home, I filled the sink. I washed my hair in washing up liquid. There was a significant improvement. I washed Miss 8’s hair in the sink after school, and hers is fine now. Mine still needs another go, I think.

I’m off now to fill the sink. By the way, I still haven’t completed the last instruction, ‘thoroughly vacuum the entire house.’

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1 Response to Hair So Clean You Could Eat Off It

  1. Monica says:

    oh no!!!

    boys had lice… just bought the most chemically potent stuff they had. Then basically shaved their had, which I understand it’s easier to boys than to girls. (although my mum did it to me when I was nine. I’m still traumatised)

    I treated myself too only to find out later than headlice don’t go on coloured hair!!! doh.

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