Bow Beret

So here’s the crocheted hat!

It took me much longer than I anticipated. All those puffs are much more time consuming than I thought, but worth it, I think. Of course, once Miss 10 had one, Miss 8 had to have one too.

This hat is purple, believe it or not. The purpliest purple you can possibly imagine, but for some reason my camera decided it wasn’t.

Of course I haven’t spent every minute since my last post making these. We have also had a weekend with my in-laws (although there was some crocheting done there), a lovely meal at Monsoon Indian restaurant in Hollywood, Birmingham, two more chapters of my accountancy text studied, a house tidying spree, a trip to the opthalmologist, and I’ve started a new book.

The kids always look forward to Nanny’s cooking when we visit. She almost always makes cheese straws, and she always roasts a chicken for Sunday lunch. Heaven, as far as my children are concerned. Mr PC and I usually go to Monsoon when we are there. It has the huge advantage of being within walking distance, and is also, almost incidentally, a very good restaurant. We love Indian food, but I find that most restaurants seem to have much the same range of food available. Monsoon has a much more varied menu. It has a good range of fish dishes, if you like that kind of thing. We don’t generally, but we did try the mussels the last time we were there. This time I had a dish called Mumbai Rustica, a mix of potato, onion, tomato and chicken tikka in a mild spicy sauce, which is just wonderful.

Today we had to go to the hospital to see the opthalmologist. I left way too early, because I get stressed about finding parking spaces and running late, and it’s a good thing I did because they were digging up the road, and the queuing meant that we were only just on time. It turns out that Mr 3 wasn’t just being uncooperative with the health visitor (although that would have been absolutely typical), he really does have trouble seeing with his right eye, so it’s looking like he’ll need glasses. His left eye is brilliant though, ‘I don’t normally go that far!’ being the comment from the opthalmologist when he had no problems with the smallest pictures.

My new book is A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. I intended to read it years ago, and it has been sat in my bedside cabinet, neglected. I have now started on it, but it might engender some guilt at the things I will have to neglect to get it finished.

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2 Responses to Bow Beret

  1. Laura says:

    I always think it’s funny how we have to make things in duplicate. Different colours, of course! I did the same thing with wrist warmers. The youngest lost hers, and the oldest stopped wearing hers at all, which was fine by me because at least I can wear them. But itsn’t it just so fun when they are waiting for you to finish, so excited to have something you made?

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