Toddler Technology

There is a computer at pre-school. It is loaded with wonderful games like Winnie the Pooh Art. Mr 3 wants to do nothing else. He loves the computer corner. He would play in it all day. In fact, one day he was told to get off the computer and play outside, and when no-one was looking he sneaked back in to continue his game. If the computer is not available he hunts for anything else with buttons to press, the cameras, the tills, the phones, but the laptop is his favourite.

Now this is not surprising when you consider that he has two parents, and one grandparent who were or are software engineers. Add uncles and great uncles and the number of people involved in software increases considerably, far above the average. What is surprising is that at pre-school they assumed that we must have allowed him lots of computer time at home. His ability at controlling it (‘he only needs adult assistance when another child has done something to mess it up’) led them to believe he had had hours of practice at home. This was not the case.

We don’t believe that three year olds need computer time. There are other skills that are much more important at that age. Unfortunately, he now knows what a computer can do, so instead of being something boring on which I check my email, it’s something exciting on which you can ‘paint’ or play Club Penguin. I get pestered for computer time much more at home since he has discovered that.

We are delighted now that the computer doesn’t come out much at pre-school (with minor guilt pangs that it is because of our child). Actually, the other children don’t suffer with the lack of it because they barely got a look in anyway. Mr 3 benefits from the lack of it because he then plays with the other children more, talks more and is more active. Who’d have though the lack of technology would be good all round?

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2 Responses to Toddler Technology

  1. Laura says:

    I’ve always been interested in the whole “nature vs. nurture” thing, and how hereditary strengths show through the generations. It’s even more interesting to me when the strengths do not transfer, and you end up with a child who has a brain that is nothing like yours! Ask me how I know.

  2. planetcoops says:

    And the fact that the nurture is often provided by the same people who supplied the nature makes it even more difficult to figure out!
    I do think that skills (or lack thereof) can skip a generation or two, as demonstrated by my wonderfully artistic daughter..

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