Wapley Hill

Yesterday we went for a walk up Wapley Hill. We managed to get there and back without running over any pheasants, which is a good thing.

This shot is not the best, but it took me too long to get my camera out, and these were amazingly intelligent for pheasants and managed to get off the road into the hedge rather than just trying to outrun the car.

It is lovely to walk up Wapley Hill, through woodland up to an old iron age fort. We didn’t go across the top of the hill. It was a bit too wet and windy for us to enjoy, as Mr 3 was the only one in a raincoat (it was lovely weather when we left home!). Whilst we were in the shelter of the trees, though, the sunshine penetrated more than the rain, and it was absolutely beautiful.

And we also got the opportunity to ask, ‘Who lives in a house like this?’


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