I thought in mid September that our tomatoes were going to be a sad story. They were virtually all green, and I had been buying supermarket tomatoes throughout the summer. Then we got that warm weather a couple of weeks ago, and the tomatoes loved it! Most of them ripened up beautifully.

Including our very own unicornato! I’m planning to make tomato soup for lunch tomorrow to use up some of our glut. A glut of tomatoes in October!

All the remaining green tomatoes are now in here:

Mr PC has made his first ever chutney! It used up the 2kg of green tomatoes. It contains our own chillies (frozen from a previous year; this year’s were really bad). It has our own apples in there. I tried to persuade Mr PC that it should have our own onions in it as well, but the recipe said shallots, so shallots it had to be. It went well, but it took a good couple of hours to boil off the excess vinegar and get it solid enough to put in the jars.

His next challenge is to make some pesto to use up the huge basil plants which won’t last another frost. Go Mr PC!


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2 Responses to Tomatoes

  1. Laura says:

    I need mine to help me dig up the horseradish today.

  2. Monica says:

    very impressive.

    I tried growing tomatoes but had no luck at all!

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