Cooking Time

Guess what we’re making!

All the ingredients are all there and ready, and at this moment all the fruit is in the pan, smelling very alcoholic and absorbing all the orangey rum-ness it has been boiled in.

Obtaining all the ingredients required a trip to Morrisons. Normally I do all my shopping at Aldi, and I usually rave about them. I wasn’t quite so impressed this week, though. They had no currants and no raisins. The glace cherries, dark sugar, icing and marzipan that have been available for the past few weeks are now all sold out. Obviously late October is too late for that kind of thing. There was one other thing which annoyed me too.

Spot the difference:

Have you spotted the difference?

Yup, size reduction by 100g. Come on Aldi, If you’re going to put the price up, just put the price up! Don’t try to fool us that prices aren’t increasing.

I did go and do a trip to Morrisons. It is a rare destination, now that we have accustomed ourselves to Aldi coffee. It is quite nice to go to a supermarket which has more than just the basics, but it did lead to me buying a few unintended items. I was diverted by such things as sev mamra and edible glitter. Edible glitter! I can feel a spot of cup-cake baking coming on!

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4 Responses to Cooking Time

  1. Monica says:

    I hate when the supermarkets think people are stupid. The other day I tried to explain to this lady next to me that it was actually cheaper to buy two small packet of biscuits rather than the big one they advertised. She wouldn’t have it. LOOK AT THE PRICE PER 100GR you silly old bat. Nope. “the big packets are always cheaper” she kept saying.


  2. crafty kitchen says:

    I can almost smell It, happy Christmas

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