Utility Room

We have a new worktop in our utility room. The old one was horribly water stained. It had been since we moved in, but not bad enough to change. Once all the rest of the decorating had been done, it suddenly became the worst thing in the house. Originally we thought we could sand it back and re-stain it. Unfortunately it turned out to be MDF with an oak veneer, so off it came.

We went off to the oak timber merchant to get a new one made. It takes them a week to glue the bits of wood together and wait for them to dry before they can be cut to shape, so our utility room looked like this for a while:

Then we picked up the worktop. It is beautiful! I love oak, and all the fantastic shapes that occur completely naturally.

We put the sink back in. At that point we realised we would need to replace the plug hole, as it had been siliconed on, and removing it made it impossible to reattach. We hunted for a drain and trap which would fit – all the pipework underneath was 40mm, but the space for the top of the plug hole was only small sink size. It seems that you can only get sink sized drains which connect to 32mm pipework and larger circumference plug holes which connect to 40mm pipework. Oh, the joys of old plumbing!

We bought a small one with 32mm drain, and a converter to bring it up to 40mm. Mr PC plumbed it in all seemed well. Then another connection started leaking – one which hadn’t even been touched. In the end all the pipework from the washing machine drain to the pipe to the drain outside had to be replaced, because Mr PC couldn’t join to the external pipe – it was not 40mm. It was not 32mm. It was nearer 33mm. We are however, eternally grateful to whoever put plastic guttering and downpipes on this house before it got listed, so replacing like for like is easy!

Now our room is leak free! It looks like this:

See the lovely brand new white pipes leading to outside! (And the not so white towel used to wipe the floor. ahem.)I Love, Love, Love It!

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