Half Term

This week we have:

Got up late. Mornings have not been very active or productive in this house.

Been to the toyshop. Miss 10 has hoarded her birthday money until she really, truly, completely decided what she wanted. So what did she want? Zoobles.

Made Christmas cakes. Yes, that’s plural. I have had to make four small cakes rather than one large cake. They are now wrapped up and initialled so that we can tell which is who’s so everyone can decorate their own. That was not my original plan.

Been back to the toyshop to replace a Zooble which didn’t spring open when placed on its happytat. Happy Tat indeed.

Bought an emergency pair of boots. On our return trip to the toyshop I noticed Miss 10 peering at her boots. ‘Are your socks wet?’ I asked. Yes, they were, so round the corner to the shoeshop we went. Miss 8 got some nice boots too, her first ever pair of non-welly boots. On the way back, Miss 10 started discussing how she would pay me back for the boots. What on earth have I done in her upbringing which makes her think she needs to pay for her own footwear? I am mystified.

Purchased lots of lovely wool for more sock knitting. Oh it is so addictive! Begin at your own peril.

Started a new blog. The craft was in danger of overwhelming this one, so I have started a new one called Stitchcrafter, which will be exactly what the name implies. I will still sometimes blog about craft on this one, but not every day!

Bought some wallpaper. We wondered past a shop with cheap part rolls outside, the day after we had all watched Kirstie Allsop do decoupage. Well, would you have just walked past?

Failed to do the ironing. Again.

About planetcoops

Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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1 Response to Half Term

  1. Laura says:

    I wish we had half-term! Sounds like heaven!

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