Art Exhibition

Miss 10 has had her first ever picture in an exhibition:

We went along today to see it. The school had supplied a few pictures that had been produced in art club. The standard was very high, but biased as we are, I think that our Miss 10’s was the best!

The bulk of the exhibition was batik work by Becky Haydon. She has produced some amazing and beautiful work. My favourite pieces though, were by a woman named Ann who painted some artichokes in acrylic on hessian. They looked absolutely fantastic, and had I had £250 to spare I would have snapped one up.

Of course, we are most excited by Miss 10’s squirrel in watercolour, and look forward to getting it home and on our wall. I once asked her how she managed to draw so well. ‘I just draw what I see’ she replied. Of course. Silly me!

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5 Responses to Art Exhibition

  1. Monica says:

    that is amazing!

    it definitively deserves the best spot on the wall.

  2. planetcoops says:

    Thank you. She is so proud of it!

  3. Well done Miss10! It’s a gorgeous squirrel.

  4. Laura says:

    It really is lovely. I think watercolour is such a beautiful medium!

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