Sewing Hurdle One

I have made a decision to learn to sew. I thought my perfect opportunity to practise had arisen when Mr 4 came home from pre-school with a note saying he is going to be a king in the nativity play, and needs a colourful robe. I know he won’t complain if his seams aren’t straight, so he’s a great customer.

I popped to Leominster today. I don’t go shopping often. Other than the supermarket, I probably make it into Leominster about once every month or two, and into Hereford three or four times a year. It was very conveniently timed for me to look for a child sized kingly robe pattern, so I paid a visit to the fabric shop. I waited for someone to be free to assist me, as I had no idea what they had in stock, and asked if they had a suitable pattern. No, they don’t stock any sewing patterns. None at all.

They said I should go to Hereford for it, at which I nodded, knowing that the chance of me going to Hereford, buying a pattern, and having a costume made by 2 December is pretty much zero, but resigned to it. You get used to that sort of thing here. It kind of scuppers my plans to get into sewing, as our Hereford shopping trips are stress filled, specific item hunts with no time for leisurely pattern browsing.

The shop assistant’s next sentence surprised me. She said ‘If I were you, I’d just buy it on the internet. You can get that sort of thing ready made for only £10.’ There she was, a shop assistant, whose salary depends on sales of wool and needles, fabric, thread and buttons, advising me to buy ready made.

I’m quite a stubborn person in my own quiet way, and having obstacles flung into my path makes me all the more determined to carry on. Anyone know of a good online pattern shop?

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2 Responses to Sewing Hurdle One

  1. Monica says:

    well… when No 2 wanted a Harry Potter costume I was really excited about the idea of making one, right? That was until I checked on the price of a pattern plus fabric/threads etc.

    I bought one off ebay for less than half the price of the above, not to mention my time. Did I feel bad? yes, but not about saving all that money!!

    • planetcoops says:

      The temptation is strong just to buy, but I already have some fabric I could use, recently discovered hidden away, so it would just be the cost of the pattern (assuming no zips). It’s difficult to decide, and every day that passes gives me that much less time!

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