A Crafty Profit

I’ve spent a while over the past few weeks making stuff for a stall at a friend’s homemade craft sale. The evening was on Friday, and we went along to a kitchen infused with the aroma of mulled wine, and set out our wares.

That’s some of my stuff there – the hair clips with crochet flowers, the flower brooches, and some hats and scarves. There was a huge range of other crafts – jewellery to soaps, candles to card holders, bulbs in decorated pots to fudge.

I had a bit of a disaster with my brooches. The brooch backs are still in the postal system. I ordered them with what I thought was loads of time. I did know they were coming internationally, but the delivery time said 14-21 days, which would have been fine – even given me a few days to spare. They didn’t actually dispatch them until 15 days after I had ordered them. I went to Leominster on Friday, and sought out some brooch backs, but I refuse to pay £1.10 for two when I’ve got a pack of 100 in the post which cost me £5.98. I ended up just stitching safety pins to the back. It doesn’t look quite as professional, but it serves the purpose. I’ll never shop at iVillage again, though.

The evening was lovely. We chatted with friends, mulled wine in hand, and we sold some crafts. It’s the first time I’ve ever tried to sell anything I’ve made myself , and it’s a real buzz! Someone liked something I made enough to pay money for it! Wow! In fact, several people did, and I have a commission for another pair of fingerless mittens. Isn’t it great, I spend time doing something I love, then I make some money back, and have a great evening.

I’ll have to see if everyone’s up for having a springtime craft evening!

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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4 Responses to A Crafty Profit

  1. crafty kitchen says:

    I had such a lovely eve my kitchen has never looked so good. Def up for a spring sale. Well-done on your sales.

  2. Laura says:

    So glad things went well! In terms of crafting, there is nothing, Nothing, that feels better than spending time making something you love that you are able to make a profit from!

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