Eye Tests

Mr 4 had his eyes tested today. We have known for a while that he had a problem. It was about June when he refused to wear the glasses that covered his left eye to do the test the health visitor was trying to run. She came back in August, and worked out that he wasn’t just being stroppy – he just couldn’t see anything clearly with his right eye. We were referred to the hospital opthalmologist.

We went to what I thought was the proper eye test a couple of months ago. In fact, it was just another similar set of tests to those that had already been done. It confirmed that we needed another appointment.

That appointment was today. Mr 4 really did not want to go. I didn’t realise quite why until he was sat in the back of the car chanting ‘I’m not dead. I’m not dead.’ all the way to the hospital. He obviously has a very skewed idea of what hospitals are for. He was in tears and tried to stop me unbuckling his car seat straps, and cried out loud all the way across the car park. Luckily once he saw that we were just at the place where people ask you what picture they’re holding up, and make you wear glasses with one lense blocked out, he was fine.

We saw the health visitor again. She ran the same set of tests again. We saw a nurse who put stingy drops into his eyes to dilate his pupils, then eventually we saw the doctor. She was lovey, and Mr 4 quite enjoyed his eye test. He was absolutely angelic, doing everything  he was told, in stark contrast to that first assessment back in June, when he was as contrary as could be.

Finally, we have a prescription for glasses. His left eye is fine, perfect, no prescription required. His right eye is quite short sighted and has slight astigmatism.

We went along to the optician to get the glasses. I was a bit nervous about letting him choose his own frames, as his taste at the moment has been very influenced by having older sisters. He originally demanded pink frames, but on looking at all the options has gone for the purple ‘Shrek’ frames. I really don’t like them, but he has to like them enough to want to wear them. We’ll go back in a week to pick them up.

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