All I Want For Christmas…

For Christmas, Mr 4 wants:

  • an iPhone
  • a Nintendo DS
  • a pink laptop

He told Santa this, then got very excited when he received a wrapped package, at the thought that it contained a Nintendo DS (and charger). There was a lot of expectation management to be done.

Miss 8 would like:

  • a credit card

I was a bit gobsmacked when I first heard this, but then logically it would supply everything else she wants. In the short term. Long term isn’t a concept that Miss 8 is particularly interested in.

Miss 10 wants:

  • Baby Annabell’s brother doll

Sadly, this most sensible, practical, restrained request look just as unlikely to be met.

Have I ever mentioned that my two girls could be Elinor and Marianne? Yes they could. These Christmas requests are a perfect example of that. I cannot yet say whether Mr 4 is like Margaret – closer in temperament to Marianne, but still malleable. His Christmas wish list makes it look that way, but he is an exact mini Mr PC, so may well veer towards logic and an Augustan outlook.

It does mean that, whilst Miss 8 is a delightful child (at least, when she’s getting her own way), I’m preparing myself for the fact that I’m going to spend most of her teenage/early adult years worrying.

Miss 10, on the other hand, I expect to be calm, sensible and practical. She might, perhaps in her early twenties, decide that yes, some drinks other than water taste nice enough to drink occasionally.

Perhaps I’m doing both of them a disservice.

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1 Response to All I Want For Christmas…

  1. Laura says:

    Oh, I know. I find that at 14, the oldest is getting more predictably teen age, and less predictable as she asserts her “independence” but is still completely reasonable, as she has always been. The 11 year old is still headstrong, but is starting to focus that energy in a more positive way. But they both want the same thing for Christmas — iTunes cards!

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