Thank You, Kirstie

I’ve been having early nights in an attempt to combat both my cold and the winter blues (not entirely successfully). For most of this week I’ve been in bed for 9:30, apart from Wednesday, when I had a committee meeting which went on to 10pm, thereby causing me to miss Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas. I did record it, but often that means it sits on our hard drive for a year or two before eventually being deleted.

Hooray for whoever decided that Kirstie needs to be repeated on a Saturday evening! If there’s anything needed to put you in the mood for Christmas, this is it!


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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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One Response to Thank You, Kirstie

  1. Laura says:

    Surround yourself with what ever brings you up! Christmas is such a topsy-turvey time for me, and being able to have a good laugh and remember what Christmas is all about is so important right now!

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