Traditional Christmas Brunch

Can you call something traditional if it’s only the second year you’ve done it? Today we were ladies who brunch. In a room where the decorations are all red, green and gold, where evergreen branches are a significant feature, and blue lights are banned, we sipped a warm red-fruit drink. We supped soup and munched cheese and biscuits. It is really nice in this most hectic time of year to take a couple of hours out to chat and eat and relax. And this year, Mr 4 didn’t hide my car keys.

After school we made Chocolate Marshmallow Surprise Cookies. Now, Mr PC’s job, whilst he has worked from home for years, and has always needed quiet some evenings for meetings, has changed recently. Now he has evening meetings most days, as a lot of the people he works with are based in California. For the kids, this means that they can’t have friends round to play after school very often. Today, after fielding multiple requests (‘Can’t she come round to play? She’s really quiet!’), I decided a treat was in order. Biscuit making.

This recipe caught my eye a couple of weeks ago. Oh My. Apart from the fact that the only marshmallows for sale in Aldi last week were snowman shaped (meaning expensive decapitated snowmen in our biscuits), and I didn’t have quite enough icing sugar (never mind, it worked perfectly anyway) we were set to go. The girls loved helping to make these, and loved helping to taste them. They are delicious. What’s that? You haven’t hopped over to Jorth’s blog yet, got the recipe and made them? What are you waiting for?


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3 Responses to Traditional Christmas Brunch

  1. Laura says:

    As far as I’m concerned, a tradition begins the first time you do it, with intentions to do it again. We started our First Annual Christmas Cookie Baking Day last night with brand new aprons for both the girls.

  2. Ali says:

    Mummy brunch sounds like a wonderful tradition!

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