Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

This year I grew some chilli plants. The seeds were really expensive, but less expensive than a couple of jars of pickled jalapenos. I had a really good germination rate, (83%) and had great plans for pickling my own jalapenos, with plentiful side orders of orange habanero and ring of fire.

This was my entire crop:

3 jalapenos, 4 ring of fire, 7 orange habanero. 14 chillies from 25 plants.

We had brought them inside before the weather got cold to enable the few chillies we had to ripen. This weekend I needed to clear the surface they were on. Instead of pickling, I needed to harvest the seed.

Firstly the jalapenos:

Then the ring of fire:

Disaster! No seeds!

Then, finally, orange habanero:

Hooray! I managed to get ten seeds from the seven fruit. These smelt absolutely lovely – just like capsicum. So much so, that I was very tempted to take a nibble to see how they tasted. I’m very glad I didn’t.

I have plenty of seeds from the jalapenos, so I will plant them next year to see how they turn out. I didn’t isolate these plants, as I wasn’t intending to use them for seed, so next year I may well have orange jalapenos and ring of habanero.

I popped the rest of the chilli into the oven on a low heat to dry them out. While they were in there, I binned the gloves I was wearing, and ate a piece of chocolate. As I was eating, I became aware that the chocolate had quite a chilli taste, and suddenly my lips felt as though they were twice their size. I had been wearing gloves! I’m so glad I resisted the temptation to snack on the orange habaneros!

I left the chillies out on the baking tray, intending to pop them in a jar once they were properly dry. They’ve all disappeared. Every time Mr PC walked past, he couldn’t resist a taste. His tastebuds must be in shock!

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