Christmas Sparkle

I thought I had missed this month’s Making Winter blog hop, but it’s open until Christmas day, so here is my contribution! Do you need a bit more sparkle? I felt in need of a bit more sparkle this week, and luckily I have a stash of some wonderful DMC Metallics.

These are stranded, just like the embroidery threads, but are a bit more rigid. They aren’t my favourite thread to stitch with, it can be really difficult to get a smooth result, but I have discovered that I love crocheting little designs with them, for their very rigidity.

Today, I made a crocheted snowflake tree decoration. It took 2 skeins of the thread (used complete not split), and a 2.5mm crochet hook.

First, wrap the thread around your finger 10 times.

Row 1: Catch the ring together with a slip stitch, 4 ch, 4dtr into ring (2ch 5dtr into ring) 5 times, 2ch, join with a ss to top of 4ch at beginning.

Row 2: ss in next 5dtr then ss into next 2ch space. 2dc into same space (9ch, 2dc into next space) 5 times, 9ch, join with ss to beginning of round.

Row 3: (1dc into each of next 2dc, 13dc into 9ch loop) 6 times, join with ss to beginning of round.

This is the point at which the first skein ran out. I just added in the new skein by looping it round as the final loop of one of the dcs. Then I held the ends along the chain, and did the next few dcs over the ends. They just get trimmed at the end – no weaving in ends!

And row 3 complete:

Row 4: ss into each of next 5dc, (1dc into each of next 7dc, 8ch, miss next 8dc) 6 times.

Row 5: (1dc into each dc of next group, dc into chain space, 3ch, ss to top of last dc (makes a picot), 2dc into ch space, picot 2dc into ch space, picot, dc) 6 times. ss into beginning of round.

Snip off the ends where the new skein was started, and weave in the final end. I used it to make a loop to hang the snowflake on the tree. A bit more sparkle!

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5 Responses to Christmas Sparkle

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  2. Wonderful sparkly snowflake! (I am still in awe of crochet…)

  3. Monica says:

    lovely! I must try making some…

  4. Oh so beautiful! Thanks so so much for joining in. Happy New Year to you!

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