Christmas Present Review: Elefun

I admit it, this was an impulse purchase, because Mr 4 saw it in the shop and couldn’t be drawn away. He had seen it advertised on television, and on catching sight of it in the shop, made it obvious he wanted it. Elefun, by Hasbro, is a game which is supposed to blow butterflies up through its trunk, to be caught by excited children holding nets. It didn’t.

The anticipation was high, partly because the room had to be tidy enough for a game which required so much floor space, and it took us a while to tidy up sufficiently after the wading-through-paper messiness of Christmas morning. It takes 4 C batteries. Luckily we had 4 brand new Duracell C batteries in our drawer, so I put them in, loaded up the tissue butterflies, assembled the nets and switched on. The motor ran, the trunk inflated, and we waited for the butterflies to come flying out. And waited. The motor droned on, and the butterflies remained resolutely sat on top of the fan.

It is one of those times when you think that maybe you just happened to pick the duff one off the shelf. Having read the reviews on Amazon, though, we’re not the only ones. My other complaint is the quality of the nets. One of the plastic handles had a catch on it, which snagged as you put the net on. Another of the nets had stitching already coming apart, even brand new out of the box. It wouldn’t have lasted ten minutes of pre-schooler use.

It is absolutely rubbish. Cheap components, badly made. I was shocked when I found out that the RRP is £19.99 (we paid £10 at Asda). That would have been unbelievably bad value. I still have the receipt, so it will be going back to the shop. I will be getting a refund. It’s such a shame, because the concept is great, the kids were excited by the idea, and I’m sure it would have been great fun if it had actually been made with decent components.

Come back for more Christmas present reviews over the next few days! Some are much better than this (thank goodness!).

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2 Responses to Christmas Present Review: Elefun

  1. crafty kitchen says:

    Thats a shame We loved ours And played it loads. My present problem too many kirstie books.

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