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We Have a Shop!

I have been virtuous and busy this month. I have been very good at doing most of the things I set out to do, and keeping up with things so that nothing has got to the panicked and urgent stage. … Continue reading

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How Unfit Am I?

Yesterday I heard about a way to get started running. It’s called c25k, and the long title is the couch to 5k nine week running plan. I thought it sounded good, and I decided to give it a go. I … Continue reading

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Mr 4 is a slow talker. I don’t mean he drawls and takes his time, he just started talking late, and has not caught up with his peers. I didn’t worry about this at first. Miss 10 was also slow … Continue reading

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Interesting Eating

I have become so fed up with our regular menus. It’s Monday so it’s chicken curry. It’s Tuesday, so it’s pasta and tomato sauce. It’s Wednesday, so it’s sausages and mash. Baked potatoes, daal and rice, pizza, chicken goujons and … Continue reading

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Monthly Targets

So, we’re halfway through the month. You must be desperate to hear how I’m doing with my January challenges. Time for an update! 1. Complete an accounting workbook (in this case Budgeting) – 55% complete. 2. Knit a pair of … Continue reading

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Head Lice – Again

We have had resident head lice again. Scritch, scratch. Aaarrrgh, I’m getting truly fed up with this. Whinge… whinge… complain… fuss… mutter…Full Marks Solution, grrrr… grumble… expensive… carp… whine… drowned rat look… utterly ineffective… Scritch, scratch. Scriiitch, scritch, scratch. Sigh. … Continue reading

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Spell Checker

I’m beginning to think my spell checker is trying to make a fool of me.

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